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Prediction Events

Data Science Prediction Event

Data science techniques are rapidly transforming businesses in a broad range of sectors. While marketing and social applications have received most attention to date, geotechnical engineering can also benefit from data science tools that are now readily available.

In the context of the ISFOG2020 conference in Austin, TX, a prediction event is launched which invites geotechnical engineers to share knowledge and gain hands-on experience with machine learning models.

Data Science Prediction Event Brief (PDF)

The data science prediction event is hosted on Kaggle, where the data files can be downloaded.



Predicting the behavior of offshore foundations subject to cyclic loading

Predicting the behaviour of offshore foundations subject to cyclic loading remains a key challenge facing geotechnical engineers. To stimulate discussion on this topic at ISFOG 2020, the conference organizers are hosting a prediction event in which participants will be provided details of a (model) foundation that is subjected to cyclic loading, along with soil parameters that would typically be available to a designer, and will be asked to predict how the foundation performed. Results will be collated and (anonymously) presented at ISFOG 2020.

The event is now open, and you can download an event brief here:

Conductor Prediction Event (PDF)

The cyclic loading prediction event is hosted on DropBox, where the data files can be downloaded:

Cyclic Loading Prediction Event

COVID-19 Update

The ISFOG 2020 in 2022 Conference will be August 2831, 2022 in Austin, Texas. Additional information will be posted here shortly. Please continue to check this website for updates.

For the impact of the coronavirus on other ASCE events, please visit

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